Yale Door and Window Solutions

Antimicrobial Door Handles

Established in 1847, the brand name Yale is synonymous with world class security solutions. Continuing their journey of premium quality and innovation, Yale Door and Window Solutions (DWS) has partnered with BioCote® to launch the Quartus antimicrobial combi door handle*.

With BioCote® technology applied as an antimicrobial coating, the Quartus door handle becomes a piece of hardware upon which microbes that can cause odors, staining and material degradation simply cannot survive. Proven effective against a wide range of microbes, BioCote® antimicrobial technology will prevent the build-up of microbes on the Quartus door handle in between cleaning and will therefore keeping the product fresher and cleaner for longer.

Reducing microbes by up to 86% in 15 minutes, 99.5% in 2 hours, and 99.99% in 24 hours, life cycle testing shows that the antimicrobial technology in the Quartus door handle will offer maximum performance for the lifetime of the product.

The industry leading Quartus door handle is manufactured in stainless steel exterior as standard on metallic finishes and zinc-based on powder coated finishes, giving ultimate corrosion resistance and comes with an impressive 25-year guarantee** on all finishes.

Paul Atkinson, Sales and Commercial Director at Yale DWS comments: “Now more than ever, people are aware of hygiene. This new venture with BioCote® is something we are all extremely excited about here at Yale. Our Quartus door handles are the first and last thing people touch as they enter and leave their homes, and we are able to give consumers the peace of mind that their door handle compliments their own hygiene practices.”

Tested both in a lab and proven in real life, the BioCote® protected hardware is effective against microbes that stimulate rust and mould, which could negatively impact the handle’s performance. This, together with general upkeep and cleaning of the handle, will ensure a hygienic and durable piece of hardware.

With the Quartus combi door handle range carrying the BioCote® trademark, fabricators and installers can rest assured that Yale security products achieve the superior antimicrobial performance customers have come to expect from BioCote® integrated technology.