Powder Technology, Inc.

Antimicrobial Coatings

Headquartered in Schofield, WI, Powder Technology, Inc. (PTI) serves customers across the globe.  PTI represents the absolute pinnacle of high-quality, high-performance thermoset powder coatings.

PTI specialises in collaborating with OEMs, from the seed of an idea to the implementation of the final products. When consistency in colour and robust performance is important to protect your brand, look no further than PTI.  Whether you’re an OEM or a fab/finisher, PTI’s premium products will not only protect what you create, but their team will also help it thrive in the world. PTI brings extensive experience and professionalism to every customer and can customise their products and support to your individual needs and concerns.

Presenting PTI’s AM powder coating – protection never looked so good

PTI have introduced BioCote® antimicrobial technology to their range of powder coatings, offering a performance of up to 99.99% reduction in microbes*. BioCote® protects the surface of the coatings from the negative effects of microbes such as foul odours, staining and early product failure from material degradation. 

From office furniture to school lockers, from cafeterias to playgrounds, from outdoor furniture and medical furniture, PTI’s partnership with BioCote® has made their powder coat range a truly a compelling offering. BioCote® antimicrobial additives can be extruded into virtually any coating that PTI produce.

Using special BioCote® additives, PTI can also formulate coatings with taggants included. Taggants are fluorescent chemical markers.  Although not visible to the naked eye, these markers can be identified with a taggant detector that will verify the presence of antimicrobial additives in coatings – a convincing way to help your customer see what they are getting.

PTI has customers in virtually every industry, including aerospace, medical, ATV and motorsports, garage/race cabinets, outdoor furniture, power generation, transportation, ACE, as well as US Military approved CARC coatings.  PTI stocks hundreds of coatings in various chemistries, including AAMA compliant products, and zinc-free epoxy primers that can be applied dry on dry with a top coat.