Antimicrobial Water Tanks

Since its founding 30 years ago, Penguin has continued to grow steadily and has developed into a market leader and role model for water and polyethylene tank manufacturers in Indonesia.

With a culture supporting innovation, Penguin’s excellent research and development team have expanded the company’s capabilities beyond the capacity of tanks to include road barriers, PVC roof waves and much more. Penguin’s flexibility and ingenuity as a business means it can meet special designs according to individual customer needs and specifications.

Rotamould4, with its specially formulated resin, combines unique additives, including BioCote®, to provide exceptional durability and hygiene, offering extra benefits into the material that are not seen elsewhere in the industry. Designed for strength and longevity, the Rotamould4 boasts the highest in UV protection- far exceeding standard outdoor plastic products.

By partnering with BioCote®, Penguin have taken another step to extend their product capabilities. The BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology* contained in Penguin water tanks, such as the Rotamould4, reduces over 99% of microbes in as little time as 2 hours. The silver ion technology makes the water tank more hygienic, as the protected walls of the tank will not support the growth of microbes.

BioCote’s proven performance and HACCP approved quality control measures naturally match Penguin’s principles of prioritising their customer needs and focusing on providing the best service possible.

By protecting the tank walls from microbes that can cause material degradation, BioCote® also has the added benefit of extending the lifetime of the tank, creating cost benefits as well as improving hygiene.