Antimicrobial washroom accessories and toilet partition hardware

Metlam is a proud entirely Australian owned and managed company specialising in the manufacture of washroom accessories and toilet partition hardware for the commercial, residential, hospitality, health, science, care, education, security and public facilities markets.

Foresight to meet the ever changing needs of a demanding industry, both locally and abroad, have led to the development of a contemporary styled range of functional products. Many of Metlam’s items are Design Registered or protected by patents. This ingenuity is a direct result of design activities which demonstrate that Metlam Australia is at the forefront of the commercial washroom accessory industry, delivering tomorrow’s demands today.

Utilising precise manufacturing processes and strict quality control systems, Metlam products are manufactured to exact specifications by direct manufacturing facilities and partnered contract suppliers.

Building a washroom with enhanced hygiene levels using antimicrobial accessories

With extensive experience in antimicrobial product integration, BioCote® is passionate about creating distinctive, high-value products shown to reduce the negative effects of microorganisms. Whether it be bathroom door locks, hinges, door bumpers, coat hooks, toilet roll holders, grab rails or paper towel dispensers, Metlam’s all-inclusive antimicrobial range is unlike anything else in the market.

Metlam’s experienced service capabilities, combined with a partnership with Antimicrobial Pty Ltd, licensed distributor of BioCote® technology, makes their antimicrobial product range the ideal choice for the demanding marketplace.

When microorganisms come into contact with a BioCote® protected surface, the microbial growth is inhibited, reducing microbes on the surface by up to 99%. Regular independent testing demonstrates that protected materials carrying BioCote® trademark are continuously delivering the guaranteed levels of antimicrobial performance.