Mediclinics SA

Antimicrobial Public Washroom Products

Since 1974, Mediclinics has designed, manufactured and supplied a wide range of high-performance public washroom products and accessories, including hand dryers, soap dispensers and grab rails. Their continued commitment to new product development is why Mediclinics decided to partner with BioCote® to offer antimicrobial hand dryers and baby changing stations.

Dualflow© Plus

The Dualflow© Plus M14 240V is a fast, energy efficient and hygienic hand dryer.  It uses a high speed Class F universal brush motor to create an air stream of 410 km/h that will dry your hands in only eight seconds! As standard, the dryer also contains a series of filters that work to improve air quality and neutralise bad odours.

BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology is manufactured into key parts of the drying system to help inhibit the growth of microbes by up to 99.99%, making the unit more hygienic and safer to use at all times.


With its trendy and stylish design, the BabyMedi® baby changing station is an ideal solution for public spaces such as shopping centres, airports and childcare facilities. Incorporating proven BioCote® protection into it’s polypropylene frame, the BabyMedi® is permanently resistant to the negative effects of microbes such as bacteria, mould and viruses – making it safer to use for both parents and their babies.