High-Pressure Laminates

With a modern and spacious manufacturing site located on the Caribbean Sea at the port of Cartagena in Colombia, Lamitech has grown into the leading brand for decorative high-pressure laminates by striking the balance between innovative design, outstanding quality and flexibility. Innovation encapsulates the essence of the business. The Lamitech teams regularly travel the world in search of new technologies and designs to respond to the ever-changing, international market trends, improve product quality and create new opportunities for customers. This approach has allowed Lamitech to develop the most comprehensive portfolio of high-pressure laminates, as well as architectural products of the highest quality and performance.

Responding to market demands for antimicrobial product protection

Lamitech’s partnership with BioCote® was born out of the same pursuit of innovation and ongoing product development, but also as a reaction to an increased hygiene-conscious world.

Lamitech’s antimicrobial range include affordable, high-pressure laminates that are designed as the perfect solution for hygienic environments, proven to reduce 99.7% of microbes on protected surfaces round-the-clock. The efficacy of BioCote® antimicrobial additives incorporated into Lamitech laminates is confirmed through an independent laboratory using the trusted industry standard ISO 22196 method.

Whether it be at hospitals, washrooms, restaurants, gyms or office areas, incorporating BioCote® antimicrobial technology not only supports existing cleaning regimes for ultimate cleanliness, but it also helps to prevent early product deterioration, inhibit foul smelling odours and irremovable staining.