Antimicrobial Bathroom Products

Korpinen is a Finnish pioneer in accessibility solutions. The company specialises in designing and marketing accessible bathrooms, bathroom furniture and aids. They offer uncompromising, customised bathroom solutions that are designed with specific areas of use in mind, and they help professionals to create economically, socially and aesthetically sustainable and functional spaces. Korpinen believe that we are all designed equal, and that’s why they are continuously developing effective ways to make spaces that are equal for all.

Antimicrobial Bathroom Products by Vaino Korpinen

Korpinen invest in continuous research and product development in collaboration with users, healthcare professionals and designers. All of their products include advanced solutions- from mechanics to material choices- and each product is tested before commission.

Through their involvement with the Hygtech Alliance, Korpinen have partnered with BioCote® to achieve superior hygiene levels for their products. To ensure the safety and assistance of those that use them, accessible bathrooms have many surfaces to grasp. These common contact surfaces accumulate microbes like bacteria and mould that can cause infections by cross-contamination. Korpinen products incorporate a proven antimicrobial technology provided by BioCote® that actively reduces and inhibits microbial colonisation on a protected surface by up to 99.99%, making that surface inherently more hygienic, and easier to keep clean.

BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology provides that extra layer of protection for users as it is always working and will last for the lifetime of the product. BioCote® is proven effective against even antibiotic resistant bacteria week in, week out, helping those companies in the Hygtech Alliance achieve the ultimate hygiene solution for their customers.