Antimicrobial Lunch Bags

As a second-generation family business, KARRICO Inc. has been creating quality, stylish and sustainable bags, storage, and organizing solutions for over 20 years. The designers at KARRICO not only produce their businesses own successful products, but also develop private label brands for major retailers worldwide. Customers can be assured that KARRICO products will look stylish, have functional features that make life easier, and are designed with both people and the planet in mind. Sustainability represents a unique aspect of KARRICO’s product offering – all materials are sustainably sourced, and all paper products with packaging come from sustainable wood forests. As members of Sedex and BSCI, KARRICO places a particular focus on ethical standards. Accredited third party agencies carry out yearly ethical social audits to ensure workers of suppliers are treated fairly and are kept safe from harm.

The ultimate lunch bag

KARRICO understand that lunch bags can be stylish and functional at the same time. That’s why they have developed a range of lunch bags including Classic, Sport and Casual which all have a built-in BioCote® antimicrobial lining. The silver ion based additive helps to keep KARRICO products fresh, and protects the bags from odor causing microbes such as mold and bacteria- all the while not interfering with any of the products’ features.

In addition to BioCote® antimicrobial technology, KARRICO lunch bags are spacious (hold up to 22 pints!), feature premium design with attractive metal hardware, and come in three different color choices. The multi-layered insulated lining, with a reflective inner surface, keeps your hot food hotter and cold food cooler for longer. Unlike most lunch bags, KARRICO’s even have a detachable shoulder strap.