The true nature of Polyvinyl chloride’s proclaimed antimicrobial properties


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most abundant polymers; with about 40 million tonnes produced annually, it ranks third in terms of global polymer use. This very practical plastic is not popular only for its high versatility, but also for its proclaimed inherent antimicrobial properties. Our Technical Team took a closer look at why this property of PVC could be more complex than one might assume.

BioCote® on the Growing Antimicrobial Coatings Market

The past year has seen an increase in demand for antimicrobial products, including antimicrobial coatings. However, antimicrobial coatings are not a new topic and are not born out of pandemic; although there has been more prominent interest. In fact, BioCote® was founded as a response to a need for antimicrobial coatings over 25 years ago and has been supplying antimicrobial additives to the coatings industry ever since.

Thought for Food: A Focus on Hygiene in the Food Industry

The food and drink industry is fast-paced and constantly evolving to keep up with consumer demands. Regulations have expanded in recent years to account for our increasingly globalised supply chains and demand for high quality goods.

It is therefore becoming increasingly important to make the cleanliness of food manufacturing products a high priority.