Antimicrobial Water Storage Tanks

An Aliaxis Group company, Ashirvad has been relentless in its commitment to quality, innovation and service since 1998. The leader in the manufacture of CPVC pipes and fittings in India, Ashirvad is a leading exporter to 40+ countries and has pan-India presence with over 36,000 dealers across the country.

With a strong focus on integrity and the desire to provide customers with the best quality pipes and water storage tanks possible, Ashirvad has partnered with BioCote® to introduce an innovative range of antimicrobial water storage tanks. The new range is sustainable, durable and lead-free, assuring that water is stored in the most hygienic way.

Ashirvad water storage tanks with integrated BioCote® technology are produced with three layers for sturdiness, UV stability and hygiene:

  • The inner antimicrobial layer contains BioCote® silver ion technology, which inhibits bacterial growth on the inside of the tank. The material has proven effective with the JIS Z2801 test method, that assesses antimicrobial activity on plastic surfaces. Produced from 100% virgin plastic, the inner layer is RoHS compliant and of food grade. Its white colour with a blue tint allows to see water levels and water quality clearly and easily.
  • The second, black-out layer ensures that sun rays cannot penetrate the tank to prevent algae formation.
  • The UV-stable outer layer prevents degradation of the tank caused by UV rays and ensures that the strength of the tank remains intact over the years.


The tank comes with a UV-stable, dual layer, threaded lid, which remains tight and shields the water from accidental droppings of dirt caused by animals or wind. It also prevents entry of sunrays into the tank to prevent algae formation.

Ashirvad antimicrobial water storage tanks come in a unique multi-ripped design that imparts impact resistance and strength to the tank. The tanks are produced using ROTO moulding technology, which renders sturdiness to the water tank. Available in a wide range of colours and different sizes, from 500l to 2000l, the tanks have a 10-year warranty to provide customers with peace of mind. Stringent quality checks at every stage of production further ensure premium products and maximum customer satisfaction.